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Kelvin2 is a scalable High Performance Computing (HPC) and Research Data Storage environment.

This is the second iteration of the cluster, replacing the previous "Kelvin" system.


  • 96 x 128 core Dell PowerEdge R6525 compute nodes with AMD EPYC 7702 dual 64-Core Processors (786GB RAM).
  • 8 High memory nodes (2TB RAM).
  • 32 x NVIDIA Tesla v100 GPUs in 8 nodes.
  • 16 x NVIDIA Tesla A100 GPUs in 4 nodes.
  • 2PB of lustre parallel file system for scratch storage.
  • All compute nodes and storage are connected by EDR Infiniband fabric.
  • Compute nodes run CENTOS7 operating system.

For futher questions on our facilities please Contact us.